Chill music update

I was searching for a new music tracker program for composing and producing my chill tracks, because my old one doesn’t work anymore. I do think I found one who fits my expectations. Thank you for your patient. New music will come in the future.

The light within

The light within is an chill out production that lies in the purity of an honest heart. No strings attached. Listen and open your mind to experience this feeling.


In modern times the recording industry has two kinds of producers with different roles. An executive producer and a music producer. Executive producers who will take all the executive decisions and arrange all the necessary things to make your track a hit. While music producers oversee the creation of music. If the producer will take […]

Friends & Family

Another chill trance release. Friends & family is about the strength of energy you get from good friends and loving family around you. Those who chill your mind and put you at ease in your darkest moments.

Create your own Christmas and New years eve holiday chillness, shared with your loved ones.

music video

The music video is a short film that is all about the promotion of music. Way back the music video was also called a promo video. The first creation of the music video goes back to the early 40’s, better known as Soundies. These are short films that where especially made for the [Panoram] Jukebox. […]

The source

The source is another chill trance release. A powerful track, composed with a line of chill and high sounds. It will bring you to the source, that place of inner peace and relaxation we all can create with our subconscious mind.

Into a dream

Into a Dream is one of the multi- genre music I want to drop. As a chill music producer I want to try different types of music genres. This track is under chill trance. The track is up tempo, but with a 130bpm it has become a chill and relax track. The song has quite […]